Lantern Lamp by HOP Design

Universal multifunctional lamp that can stand on the table, lie on the floor, hang on a wall or shelf, or even hang from the ceiling.

It is a mobile, it can be easily moved from place to place. “make me!” award winner at Lodz Design Festival in 2015. The project, stylistically and ideologically, combines the features of tradition and modernity, mainly through the used technologies and the form referring to an oil lamp.

Lantern Lamp is made of noble and solid materials such as beechwood, brass and steel. The wooden lampshade has a white coating which is a reflector, which ensures an adequate stream of light in the interior. The lamp hangs on a cable textile, which is bound a strong knot.

The project, created at the junction of tradition and modernity, promotes the high quality of Polish craftsmanship combined with modern minimalist design with timeless aesthetics. The size and weight of the lamp was chosen with regard to international shipping standards, in order to generate lower transportation costs when sending the lamp abroad. Concept combines the strength of modern design and precision hand-crafted wood pieces by Polish craftsmen.

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