Stool Zero by KaCaMa Design Lab

KaCaMa Design Lab presents Stool Zero made of all salvaged materials:

Every year thousands of broken household appliances are just thrown away and replaced, causing an alarming amount of waste that often does not get a chance to be recycled. For example, we have seen loose wires at scrap metal shops, which have been stripped of their cooper wires, leaving the plastic outer shell as waste. In order to find a solution to this problem, we looked at the concept of zero waste, and designed a series of recycled crown seating stools from wasted plastic outer shells and recycled fan covers.

1) Crown stool seat: fans covers

The fan covers come from the St James Settlement recycle centre. We took apart the broken fans and used the covers for the seat area.

2) Seat material: electric wires

Throw away electric wires are used like threads, wrapping the fan covers for comfort and stability.

3) Stool legs: wooden crates

The stool legs are made from salvaged wood from abandoned freight crates.

4) Craftsmanship: stitching

In addition to promoting the idea of recycling, we also wanted to raise attention to the importance of craftsmanship. In this day and age of factory manufacturing, the creativity and communal aspect of household appliances and furniture has gone overlooked, therefore we hope to hit home this message by hand-stitching each seat, creating different patterns that provide each stool with personality.

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