Ryun Floor Lamp by Orijeen

Inspired by the shape and structure of Asian traditional fans, Ryun by Orijeen is a foldable lamp that can be spread in a circle. This structure lets users experience the dramatic change of the lampshade from a linear to a circular shape.

It is composed of a lampshade, a folding fan, and a metal frame and base. The fan is made of Hanji, traditional Korean paper, and bamboo frames. The Hanji has the very distinctive characteristic of transmitting the light softly through its texture, so Ryun creates ambient light with subdued hue. The lampshade is made by a master craftsman of Fan-Making in Jeonju, Korea.

The lampshade of the small-fan Ryun is illuminated directly from the light source to a small area for more effective lighting.

The design of Ryun was minimized as much as possible for the harmony of several materials such as paper, wood and metal as well as tradition and modernity.

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