Yoroi Sideboard by Alessandro Masturzo for De Castelli

A leathery and shimmering skin dresses this piece of furniture, having a cozy shape and a strong visual impact. Thanks to the sophistication of its finishes and the décor of the object, the furniture fits harmoniously in minimalist settings, of modern style, as well as in refined classical environments. Inspired formally to the armor of the Samurai, Yoroi has the evocative power of Deco furniture, the dynamic combined with the linearity, able to characterize the spaces in an original way.

With a precious appearance, Yoroi is also valuable for the production processes used to optimize the functionality and make it, at the same time, beautiful and useful. With a natural oak frame, iron and copper coverings treated with different finishes, the writing desk-secretaire reveals, even from the opening, unexpected places to guard their secrets: a large frontal drawer and two hidden drawers with inclined opening and two side doors having a curved shape.

The cupboard Yoroi perfectly reflects the company’s profile, able to combine the elegance and simplicity, directing the research and experimentation on metals to new sophisticated and inimitable finishes.

Design by Alessandro Masturzo for De Castelli.

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