Redstone Boutique Hotel in Riga, Latvia by Anna Butele and Berta Lerhe

Located in the Old Town of the capital of the Nordic Jugendstil, each of the four floors of this hotel has its own distinct colouring.

Nestled between the Pharmacy Museum and the House of the Blackheads in Riga, stands the Redstone Boutique Hotel with its six floors and eleven rooms that have a distinguishing mark: monochromatism. A four-colour palette begins above the first two floors occupied by the St. Petrus Restaurant.

Each floor has a different colour code and a different pantone: Baltic Sea at the third floor, English Rose at the fourth, Coconut Milk at the fifth and Blue Lagoon at the sixth and last one, in a harmonious and relaxing alternation of blue, pink, white and teal with no textures. Walls, furnishings, fabrics are all in the same colour tone except for the floor and some design furniture – lamps, niches and tables – deliberately highlighted with a more saturated shade. The result is a plain, clean and minimalist background that draw attention to the guest.

Designed by Annvil, an interior architecture agency established in 2004 by Anna Butele which is particularly prolific in Northern Europe (Bergen, Rotterdam) and Azerbaijan, the Redstone Boutique Hotel is one of the few new buildings that has added to the historical centre of Riga, which has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List also thanks to its great Art Nouveau heritage.

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