Cafezal in Milan, Italy by Studiopepe

Studiopepe signs the interiors of Cafezal, a new roasting brand that combines the ancient art of coffee making with attention to every detail.

The Italian answer to the queues in the new Starbucks in Milan is first and foremost a choice of style, such as Cafezal, opened in May 2018. The interiors are by Studiopepe. Cafezal means “coffee plantations” in Portuguese and is a new chain that has opened its first point in Milan. The project was conceived by two friends, an Italian and a Brazilian, and is based on a cure and a philosophy of good coffee that takes care of the details from the plant to the mise en … cup. Since 2005 a movement has been born, “Third Wave of coffee”.

It is an Anglo-Saxon wave that wants to recover and enhance the craftsmanship linked to coffee. The first wave represented the coffee seen exclusively as a drink, the second that of the chains, and the third wave, in fact, studies everything in detail from the cultivation of the bean. In this shop, coffee is not consumed but tasted. The interiors reflect the research of the product: coffee is a small but cozy place, with high walls. The menu is as simple as written on the blackboard. The colors are complementary and the choice of geometries slightly refers to a radical Italian environment. The forms correspond in a balance of colors and correspondences that are encountered in sobriety.