Reader Armchair by Tor Hadsund for VITA Copenhagen

The Reader armchair has been designed by Tor Hadsund for VITA Copenhagen as a place for letting your body sink into and relax. The armchair’s special curved shell is inspired by traditional Danish crafting techniques and helps to reduce surrounding noise, offering a place of shelter and reflection. With its light form and bold organic curves, The Reader is a standout design piece in any setting and just right for enjoying a good book or engaging conversation.

Functional and sturdy, the angle between the Reader’s seat and back rest has been designed to ensure maximum comfort. The armchair’s spacious seat has plenty of room for sitting in different positions, whether curled up with your legs or fully stretched out.

The Reader’s solid oak frame gives the armchair a warm natural character. A carefully selected palette of Scandinavian colours has been chosen for the upholstery to compliment the natural wood of the oak. The upholstery itself is easily replaceable with interchangeable cushions letting you decide when you want to change and update the armchair’s look. The shape of the cushions have been designed to slightly expose the armchair’s shell, placing an extra focus on the wooden details.

Use The Reader in the corner of a living room, either at the end of a larger sofa arrangement or in front of the television.

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