Marble Wing Chaise by Hadi Teherani for Draenert

For several decades Draenert has been producing limited editions for museums: art furniture designed by very renowned architects. These series, which have been constantly extended over the years, combine old traditions from the long history of furniture with the contemporary spirit and modern standards – thus daring into border areas, creating a fusion of the issues of architecture, literature and ne arts.

The architect and designer Hadi Teherani has transferred the cultural history of marble into modern design and has created a limited edition of the Marble Wing.

The fascinating aspect is to subdue a rock and trans- form it into a sculpture, tame it to a chaise longue and bring into focus the lightness in combination with the jagged rock.Hadi Teherani

In this way, the architect and designer became an artist who worked as a sculptor on his design and, in the tradition of the old master-builders, created the chaise longue in Carrara marble.

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