Natevo Square Crystal Coffee Table by Matteo Nunziati

Matteo Nunziati – an architect who is internationally renowned for his designs for luxury hotels, wellness centres, Spa facilities and private homes – has created ambiences that are recognized for their beauty, elegance and exclusive style and enthusiastically embraced the idea of designing furniture with integrated LED lights.‎

‘The integration of light in the piece of furniture allows the elimination of the majority of the light fittings and, consequently, the costly and complicated installations (tracks for the cables, electrical connections, masonry work on the ceiling or in the walls).‎ The Natevo furniture can be moved into the chosen position, the plug is inserted in the socket with extraordinary esthetic and illumination technology results’.‎ 

Coffee table and/or storage container with a steel structure.‎ The anodic bronze or gris sablé finishes repeat the materials used throughout the collection.‎ The shelves and the vertical partitions are produced in extra-light clear crystal glass and are perfect for displaying ornaments, books or magazines.‎