Plenty Sofa by Jens Kajus & Claus Jakobsen for Million

Plenty Sofa is a minimalist sofa created by Copenhagen-based designers Jens Kajus & Claus Jakobsen of Million. Plenty’s design is based on the vision and homes of designers and Million co-founders Jens Kajus and Claus Jakobsen, for a sofa that unites cleanly industrial lines with optimal comfort. As with Million’s existing products, emphasis is placed on quality materials that will see the sofa maintaining the same high-level finish over many years.

This vision is seen in the choice of foam for the upholstery, pillows and cushions and in the sofa’s steady frame and chosen cotton textile, which ensures a comfortable temperature and experience whenever it’s sat on. The result is an elegant symbiosis between hard industrial frame and soft, dreamy pillows and cushions, which together compliment and contrast each other in perfect balance. The raw frame, which demands attention when one enters the room, is an essential part of the design, embracing downy pillows to invite its owners and users to settled in for hours spent in good conversation.