WARP Sofa by Francesco Rota for Lema

The harmonious fusion of classic and contemporary is the leit motif of the WARP sofa by Francesco Rota.‎ A functional, 900×900 mm , modular seating project with a balanced aesthetic.‎ With its generous forms and distinctively horizontal lines, the strength of the piece shines through in the contrasting vertical stitch detailing that models the backs of the sofa and the structure with metal feet.‎

A new and refined example of a manufacturing process that perfectly unites Italian artisanal tradition with the very latest technologies thus guaranteeing maximum comfort.‎

A new study by Rota, who immediately supported Lema on the development of the upholstery, where his decisive but light stylistic traits have produced interesting projects and interpretations, skilfully creating a whole host of solutions to suit different living areas, functions and tastes.‎