LP Chair by LucidiPevere for Kristalia

The designer duo LucidiPevere has created a new chair for Kristalia that is set to be a “hit” in 2016. Made of fibre glass-reinforced injection-moulded polypropylene, LP is stackable and available in a variety of colours. Its surface also feels soft to the touch and is matt, making it particularly elegant, with warm and striking appeal. Its special features make LP ideal for all contexts: in the home, outdoors or in contract furniture projects.


The early sketches are dated back to 2013. We did a lot of drawings, files and prototypes. A slow and long develop process where we took away excess signs and materials striving for the right design. We tried hard to create the conditions to reach a long-lasting product but always recognizable and with a strong personality.

Almost ten years later the Plana chair, the first one-piece chair we designed for Kristalia, LP is a natural evolution achieved by a new manufacturing technology and advanced materials. We designed its shape slighter and basic; we removed all the technical features like reinforcing ribs and inserts for the stackability.

The warm and soft touch finishing is an important and distinctive feature which really matches with indoor materials such as fabrics and woods. Nevertheless LP has first of all an outdoor and contract DNA. In the next years it could grows as a real, versatile and fitted collection suitable for several uses and for a real serial production.

It is really simple but it has not been very easy to achieve. Among the several meanings of the initials “LP”, certainly Long Playing is what we hope.

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