HOCKER HEINRICH Concrete Stool by Panatom & Matthias Froböse

The precise and elegant form of HOCKER HEINRICH’S delicate concrete body is captivating. Smooth outer surfaces stand in complimentary tension to the faceted interior forms. Light and shadow create a game of shifting perspectives depending on the angle of observation. While concrete furniture has tended towards compact and cubic structures, HOCKER HEINRICH reinterprets the material with a new approach that renders its technical execution a considerable challenge. The stool is hand-made in Berlin. The individual surface structures created during the manufacturing process give each stool a unique appearance, making it a one-of-a-kind. The weatherproof character of concrete also renders the stool suitable for outdoors.

HOCKER HEINRICH was designed by Panatom with Matthias Froböse. The stool gets its name from the German playwright Heinrich von Kleist (1777–1811). The first edition of the stool has been appointed to the permanent collection at Kleist-Museum in Frankfurt (Oder). The exhibition is structured to follow the cannon of Kleistian interpretative works: segments of the floor create a topography that the visitor can explore; highly polished steel rods stand against the darkness amidst interactive light displays generating excerpts from Kleist’s work. This contemporary interpretation creates fresh new paths in the mediation of literature and represents a strong inspiration for HOCKER HEINRICH. The unwieldiness of Kleistian language finds its counterpart in the heaviness of concrete.

Each HOCKER HEINRICH has its own individual style. The concrete surfaces vary from piece to piece due to air pockets that develop during the setting process. It is 45 cm hight, 40 cm width and 35 cm depth. The stool is generally available in anthracite or light grey; however, the concrete can also be pigmented other colours upon request.

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