Harbour Swivel Side Chair by Menu

Once you’ve chosen the Harbour Side Chair shell style that will be cradling and supporting your body, you can now also choose a clover-shaped swivel base so you can spin around as needed – and roll around as wanted. The base is available with either swivel, swivel w/return or swivel w/casters in three finishes – polished aluminum or powder coated aluminum in black or light grey. The Harbour Swivel Side Chair is available with textile and leather upholstery or with a bare shell. MENU’s upholstered chairs are priced in three or four different categories, within textile or leather. Prices vary depending on the textile or leather you select. MENU offers various Harbour Swivel Side Chair variants available for expedited delivery.

Both the Harbour Side Chair and the bar and counter bases are available with the ergonomic shells of your choice, whether that’s upholstered in textile, leather, or not at all. The bare shell is available in six colors, while the textile and leather options come in a range of colors – and can be customized. The swivel base is available in black and light grey powder coated steel or polished aluminum.