LOVER Modular Seat by Gonçalo Campos for Wewood

Designed by Gonçalo Campos for Wewood, and presented at Milan Design Week 2016, LOVER seat is a modular seat born from the challenge to develop an easy way to stock asymmetrical products.

Asymmetrical items usually have to be stocked twice: once for the right side and once for the left side. LOVER seat tries to solve this issue by offering a modular system that enables the configuration of the item as preferred, making it easier to stock and versatile. It can take the form of a chaise longue, a sofa, or a day bed.

Besides its modular advantages, each wooden corner was shaped carefully to work as an armrest, or an edge on which to place drinks and small items. The dimensions that fit a laying adult, were considered to make this piece of furniture as versatile and comfortable as possible.

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