KOM Chair by Elem

Berlin-based Elem studio has presented its conception for a lightweight and stylish reinterpretation of an archetypal metal chair, with a focus on versatility and stability. Called the KOM chair, the bright red seat was created with the support of the fraunhofer institute, a german society for the advancement of applied research.

Elem constructed the chair using lightweight, 20mm aluminum tube framing with a fitted aluminum seat and backrest forming a sturdy and stable compound. The shells of the chair are slightly moulded and correspond perfectly with the curves of the spine, resulting in a seamless, fluid frame. KOM’s plain and minimal appearance underlines its universal character, making it ideal for a broad range of living situations.

The technology used to produce the shells is know as incremental sheet forming, or ISF. In the ISF process, a computer controlled tool outlines the contours of the desired shape onto a flat sheet. After each completed circuit the tool descends slightly, slowly forming the frame of the piece without the use of a mold. This technology keeps costs and weight down as it doesn’t require a substructure for support or any additional tools for production, making it ideal for smaller series and on-demand production.

The result is a smooth, streamlined and sturdy chair whose vibrant block color and defined silhouette suggests a bright and buoyant piece.

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