Grusella Console by Paolo Foglini for Formabilio

Neat, functional and essential lines give shape and meaningful expression to Grusella, a console by Paolo Foglini that becomes a shelf, small bookcase, where to place your showpieces.

An evocative furniture element, which recalls the concept of ‘construction’ and the mythical machines – the cranes! – that, with their profile, characterize urban landscapes and draw new skylines. In the same way Grusella with his presence, characterizes the entry hall making functional and stylish, fitting perfectly in any corner of the living where you decide to put it. Grusella has a shelf, which is secured to the wall and a base, which ends with the storage tray with a contrasted color inside.

Paolo Foglini:

When I design I like to take inspiration from the surroundings. Sometimes just a flash, to make it clear. Thus was born Grusella: watching a construction crane I thought to transmit the same balance to a furniture piece that, all together, encloses elegance and usefulness of a storage unit, a bookcase and a shelf.

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