Rocking Swing Chair by Tobias Nickerl & Clara Rivière

The design of the Rocking Swing, designed by Tobias Nickerl and Clara Rivière, takes details of the language of both objects – the rocking chair and the swing – combines it in a subtle way to break it down to the essential.

Clear lines invite the user to understand the functions: the seat in leather is hanging with ropes in the metallic main frame to allow swinging while the frame itself is formed to have blades and generate a gentle rocking movement. The orange colored ropes, that you could find on any children’s swing, are holding the seat by knots and are joyful elements to identify the mouvement. Every element in the design has a clear function and is combined in a minimal way, so that we could avoid the use of screws or other external tools.

The furniture for in- and outdoor use is an hybrid of a swing and a rocking chair designed to generate a playful double-mouvement – you can rock, you can swing, you can do the both at the same time, as your body coordinates what the chair will do with it.


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