Fiber Pattern Lamp by Atelier Robotiq

Atelier Robotiq is using an Aerospace fiber winding technology to make mesmerizing designs for their lightweight Fiber lamps made by an industrial robot.

Imagine a 100-meters long fiber cord, being woven around a shape by an industrial robot, creating a strong and lightweight Lamp weighing less than an iphone 6. Basically, they turn dry industrial fibers into strong and lightweight structures, which they use in their furniture designs. One of their first designs was the UFO shaped Fiber Pattern Lamp.

Weighing only 95 grams (while measuring 61 centimeters in diameter) it literally floats in the air with a breeze of wind.

During the Dutch Design Week 2015 Atelier Robotiq will introduce a new design: a two meter high totem with multiple patterns. And they will give an insight in the working process by demonstrating their industrial robot weaving a variety of fiber patterns.

The open fiber structures of the Fiber Pattern Lamps create fascinating light and shadow effects. With the robot technology and inhouse developed software of Atelier Robotiq the possibilities for future designs are endless. There are more patterns than you can imagine, not even mentioning the different shapes, colours and fibers to choose for a design.

Next to their own designs Atelier Robotiq sees great possibilities to cooperate with others (e.g. interior designers, architects) to create unique/custom light designs.

Atelier Robotiq’s different approach to design lies in the diverse combination of knowledge and their different backgrounds combining robotics, aerospace engineering, product design and fine arts. This unique cooperation already leads to unexpected and exciting products and they have only just started.

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