DS-490 Sofa by de Sede

The new DS-490 model by de Sede is a true quick change artist: All it takes is two hand movements for the futuristic looking sofa to turn into a double-relax-lounger. This masculine appearing upholstery furniture acts as a sculptural presence in the room and serves as a cockpit for stylish multimedia enjoyment or as a wellness island for pure relaxation.

The seating units and their elaborate stitching offer soft and smooth comfort in contrast to the precisely contoured form of the seat and its underlying mechanism. The two seating elements lie on thin platforms that can independently from each other turn by 90°. A sofa with modern seat depth turns into a lounger perfect for relaxing with the legs rested high. Independently from the seating elements, the two backs are also individually movable. Position and height are easily adjustable due to the integrated mechanism. The result: independently adjustable seat depth and back height.

The heart of the DS-490 sofa is its ingenious mechanism. Its deliberate presentation allows a view into the aesthetics of the construction. This design choice shapes the overall picture of this intelligent sitting machine. Despite the many functions and the carefully thought out mechanism, DS-490 convinces with its lean silhouette and inviting comfort. The quilted leather ensures a soft mattress look. The cover is available in all of de Sede’s thin-leather variations.

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