ROB Chair by Böttcher-Henssler-Kayser for Johanson

The idea behind ROB was to design a chair that combines stackability with a genuinely attractive form. With this clearly in mind, the focus was on using as few components as possible and giving them a highly distinctive design. The aim was to create a chair that is simple in design, yet by no means anonymous in terms of personality. The eye-catching lines of ROB attract attention in any setting.

Collaboration between Johanson and the Berlinbased design trio Böttcher-Henssler-Kayser continues. After the success of Shima it is now time to unveil ROB. “ROB is our solution for a stackable chair on runners that, thanks to its slender steel underframe and compressionmoulded seat shell, combines genuine character with an unmistakable sense of form. The rear legs seem to strive upwards to become one with the seat shell, forming a unity of design that is the defining characteristic of the series,” say the designers.

Parallel with the development of ROB, plans have evolved to extend the series with chairs that also incorporate armrests and a textile covered seat. The generous range of textiles and choice of woods that Johanson offers, together with opportunities to order the steel frame in a wide and varied choice of colours, opens the way for numerous variations on the ROB theme.

This makes it possible to adapt the product to virtually any setting in which it is used. The hallmark of ROB is the subtle reciprocity between frame and seat shell, which coalesce into a single distinct form. Comfort, simplicity and eye appeal – ROB has all the qualities of a future classic.

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