Cube Marble Side Table / Speaker by La Boite Concept

The Cube Marble by La Boite Concept is a universal, wireless high fidelity loudspeaker that is both powerful and compact, shaped like an side table.

With this high fidelity acoustic speaker you can connect any sources (computers, tablets, smartphones, turntables, TV, Sonos®), and enjoy extremely high quality depth of sound. The compact Cube Marble is an elegant addition to your home.

The central woofer is equipped with a double bass reflex for highperformance and incisive bass. The 2 full range loudspeakers at the rear have their own internal reflectors and give incomparable sound stability. La Boite concept’s patented Wide sound 2.0 offers total immersion and enlarged stereo sound wherever the Cube Marble is in the room thanks to the sound reflexion.

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