Mr. T Stool by duverellGIERTZ

By investigating fonts and exploring different letters, duverellGIERTZ found inspiration for their latest furniture project which is based on a basic shape which creates an archetypal seating furniture.

Mr. T is a graphic and minimalistic stool, having a sharp shape with soft edges. The vertical tube meets the horizontal and creates a meeting where the stitching is an important detail. The stylistic expression is the essence of the stool, where the rounded forms stands for openness and encourage a creative seating. During the process, they have purified and scaled down the idea until only the basic shape remains, the sculptural and naked one.

The horizontally tube creates a direction in the room and can give indication of movement. Because of its swivel, you can easily sit in different directions, depending on who you talk to and how you are positioned in the room. With the two different types of sitting you can create a flexible environment, where the straddle seating invites you to alert and upright conversations.

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