BULBING Collection by Studio Cheha

At Studio Cheha, the design philosophy is all about reimagining everyday objects with a cool and creative difference! With this, Studio Cheha is excited to announce the launch of 3rd Kickstarter campaign, “BULBING 2D/3D LED lamps – Optimize Your Lighting Experience!” – a natural evolution of their BULBING series.

Meet ZIGGi, DESKi and CLASSi! The three newest members of Studio Cheha original lighting family. This series, designer Nir Chehanowski, has chosen to rekindle his designs, offering bigger and brighter optical illusion lamps that ai m to alter your perception of space and form by using 3D shapes as the basis of his 2D designs.

New designs are Sophisticated + Funky = Sophistifunk!
The new lamps are inspired by classic and vintage-style desk lamps with a modern twist. In addition to increasing the scale, this series, Nir has opted for an industrious approach to the shape of the lampshade while keeping his signature optical illusion and 3D magic as the focal point of the design. Each flat LED “ by BULBING ” lamp is made from a thick and strong sheet of acrylic glass that has been etched with dozens of intricate lines. We are able to create a sense of dimensionality, as LED light travels through the lines illuminating the design and creating a powerful optical illusion . New features include bright LED light with a lifespan of 50,000 hours, a warm glow, and dimmer.

Where to shine the light!
From shop floors to boutique hotels, homes, workspaces and more, ZIGGI , DESKI and CLASSI have been created with a vision to transform any space; while adding an artistic and memorable design element to the room. The perfect piece for design guru’s, gadget nuts, or those in search of some stylish lighting, Studio Cheha’s enhanced “by BULBING” series is made to add a touch of magic to every room.

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