Bean About Foldable Beanbag by Vanessa Wright & Andy Audsley

Vanessa Wright and Andy Audsley are launching an innovative new product, the Bean About, a portable beanbag in a backpack. The Bean About is targeted at anyone who loves a comfortable seat that can be easily carried to festivals, parks, the beach and outdoor cinemas. The Bean About is for anyone who likes to be comfortable whenever and wherever they go while looking awesome.

The Bean About is trademarked and has a patented design and is set to go into full production in August assuming a successful Kickstarter campaign. The Bean About campaign videos show the entire creative process from inception to design right through to using the nal product.

Bean About’s main focus is on delivering a seriously comfortable but totally portable beanbag hair. Olatundji Akpo-Sani, of Tamarama, NSW, Australia says of the Bean About, “As a pretty big guy (over 2 meters and 110 kg), it can be dicult to nd comfortable seating to take with me when I go to the park or the beach. Not only did I nd the Bean About easy to carry, it supported my back no matter where I was, which made it super comfortable to sit or lounge in.”

The design of the backpacks, including one from well-known Australian artist Mulga, make them a trendy accessory that is easy to carry, fashionable and can even t the essentials, picnics, BBQ’s or any outing that needs a BYO chair.

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