Avito.ru Office in Moscow, Russia by Meandre

Avito.ru is one of the most popular on-line classifieds services in Russia. The office was already occupying one floor at the White Garden business centre. In 2014 client decided to move growing IT department to an extra floor at the same location. The main goal was to create a unique yet comfortable office with an open plan and closeness to nature.

The concept nicknamed “Avito Village” was quickly developed – the idea of applying countryside lifestyle to modern office. This motto defined form and character of all premises, objects and even the space plan itself. The “village” has its’ main wood decking street with houses placed on the side. The “villagers” are placed off the main street in an open space areas. It is broken up with grass hillocks, informal communication areas, resting and playing zones. Every area has its own lighting scheme and mood.

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