Apartment E&E in Vienna, Austria by Destilat

The Apartment E&E is not just your usual rehabilitation of a classic Viennese apartment in an old building but also a statement for sustainability in interior design.

The central theme was to unite the client’s quite strong stance on anti-consumerism with high aesthetic demands for a sound overall concept.

Of course, this project focused on the renewal of the desolate technical infrastructure, including heating, sanitary and electric components as well as a new, contemporary floor plan with a combined open kitchen/living room, a bigger bathroom and a new children’s room in the former kitchen.

The goal was to use as much vintage furniture as possible, yet to steer clear of trendy classics and high-priced pieces of vintage furniture boutiques.

Almost all mobile furniture pieces were bought via common internet platforms, taking two parameters into account that are not necessarily mutually exclusive: minimal acquisition costs on one hand and certain optical demands on the other.

Also the fine stone tiles that are now laid in the hallway, bathroom, and toilet were painstakingly removed form their previous positions. Of course, old doors and windows were also restored and old parquet floors were preserved.

The open kitchen with its free standing cooking island that looks like a workbench were custom-made by destilat with countertops and fronts made of ivory-coloured eternity panels.

The owners do not see this project as a rigid, dogmatic manifest for anti-consumerism but more as an exciting attempt find a fitting formal analogy to their own life philosophy.

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