A 24-hour Clock Designed to Change the Way You See your Day

Scott Thrift, an award-winning media artist and horologist, just launched his second clock design following his successful Kickstarter campaign back in 2011 for ThePresent, an annual clock that tells time in seasons. Now he’s back with a completely new way to look at time by inspiring a change in how you see your day. Today is a 24-hour timepiece that removes numbers from its design and instead displays a gradient-like spectrum of the entire day, balancing dawn, noon, dusk, and midnight.

The clock completes one revolution every 24 hours with the hope that your perception of time will change allowing space for all the little things in life that can’t be counted.

Want to bring one into your life? The new Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded within a few hours of launching so you can get one of your very own. Besides the steel and glass 11″ wall clock, Thrift is offering an 11″ wall clock and a 5″ desk clock out of bamboo.

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