WONG Chair by Milk Design for Elmo

Milk Design collaborated with Elmo (HK) to create a solid wood armchair, named WONG. The project intended to explore new elements and how they can be merged with the traditional way of solid wood furniture making as an appreciation towards our tradition and as a base for new development.

It is a very strong and smooth piece that can be daily used. Handcrafted with the inspiration of our tradition and its well developed joinery system, the new design adopted the general application and created subtle variation on the joinery so that the chair carry a mix of classic Chinese beauty, balance, smooth, solid, and a beauty of modernity, simple, and elegant.

Using a mix of white oak and walnut timber, the key new features include the seamlessly and beautifully built armrest and the special three-way joint that helps support the weight, allowing the chair to stand on only three legs instead of the standard four. The chair is simple and classic just like a chair that we have been familiar for so long time.

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