Vivia 3D Printed Lamp by Matus Danko

This stylish lamp Vivia was made by aspiring designer Matus Danko while beta testing the new online 3D modeling tool VECTARY.

Creating the 3D model took him less than half an hour. Surprising for a beginner? VECTARY combines standard mesh modeling with parametric modeling, which helps to generate more complex shapes instead of leaving modeling all the details to the designer. Until now it was almost impossible to create such complex shapes with no previous experience and even pros had to spend an inordinate amount of time on it.

After printing the final lampshade on a home 3D printer, polishing the model and spraying it with paint took another 4 hours, so in all creating Vivia didn’t take more than a weekend. Vivia was installed with an affordable cord set.

Matus Danko:

Vivia means living. I wanted to create an organic lampshade with a contemporary twist. Also my creative process was very vivid. I’m just starting with subdivision modeling, and I thought it would be hard, but working with VECTARY was smooth and easy. I didn’t even have to leave my browser to export the model in 3D printable format.

VECTARY, the online 3D tool for design, customization and sharing will be released this spring. You can sign up to get early access at

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