Tulipe Floor Lamp by Asia Samimi & Nima Fardi for Daevas Design

The general idea of Tulipe Lamp is based on the concept of balance and manipulation of it. In this project, our intention was to get to the limits of balance where magically everything stays in equilibrium, even though, considering physical laws, not must to. Although this lamp is made of two completely separate parts, it feels complete, harmonic and most importantly unified.

Tulipe’s form has been derived from the traditional Iranian decorative candlesticks, called Laleh Abbasi. What we did here was to simplify all the decorative volumes and forms toward their basic geometric shapes, in order to get to a minimal and modern from.

The lower part is made of reinforced high quality concrete and the material of the upper part is copper. Two different production techniques have been used for achieving each part:

  • Casting for the concrete part;
  • Metal spinning for the part made in copper.

Tulipe Lamp has been presented in a group exhibition called “Light on, Light off”, organized by Objet Platform. The exhibition has been take place at the Niavaran Cultural Centre in Tehran, Iran. Objet provides opportunities to discover the relationship between space, object and environment. It is a social platform focusing primarily on providing tools for visitors to engage with each other around objects. While attractive and functional presentation of objects is still important, it is secondary to promoting opportunities for visitors to discuss and share them.

Daevas is a studio based design/production house, based in Milan, Italy. It is an idea of two Iranian designers; Asia Samimi and Nima Fardi. This design studio is committed to provide exceptional hand-made furnishings with the goal to exceed the niche high-end quality by turning innovative ideas into concrete reality. It is a fusion between art and design leading to objects that connect with people creating emotional bonds. Daevas in Persian means a spirit, which has disagreeable characteristic. In the oldest texts of the Zoroastrian canon, the daevas are “wrong gods” or “false gods”, responsible for creating Chaos.

Daevas Design fabricates conceptual, but functional, furnishings that foster the appreciation of the paradoxical world of objects; achieved through designed elegance, purposeful diversity, and creative practice. Daevas Design aims to form a distinct universe of objects full of unimaginable imaginations and unexpected expectations to demonstrate that impossible is just a perception and they believe perfection stands in admiring the imperfection.

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