Tripodal Stool by Studio Adjective

Tripodal Stool is a minimalist stool designed by Hong Kong-based atelier Studio Adjective. The minimal and light-weighted three-legged stool respects Ishinomaki Lab’s concept of simplicity and fine handmade wooden furniture, with an embracement of sophistication. ​ The stool is easy to construct and composed with just 6 pieces of rectangular Western Red Cedar, including three chair legs, two seat plates and a low back. The front leg is slightly slanted at 7 degrees to enhance the stability of the base and yet creating an iconic signature for the stool. A special fixing method is being used for connecting the sitting plates and slanted leg in order to minimize additional structure needed for stability. ​ The stool can also be served as a bedside table by utilizing the gap as cable space for table lamp and mobile phone charger. ​

Photography by Wilson Lee