Timeless Design: Tube Chair by Joe Colombo

Italian architect and designer Joe Colombo responded to the changing social conditions of the 1960s by radically reinventing furniture forms and creating innovative interior environments, reflecting swiftly evolving modes of living.

Tube Chair by Joe Colombo
Tube Chair by Joe Colombo

The modular components of his Tube chair can be arranged in any combination to suit the user, and can even be nested together, one inside the other. The foam-covered PVC tubes can be used in any number and combination, accommodating one or more people.

Colombo reductively employs the tube both as the chair’s primary formal structure and as its decorative motif, creating a simple yet visually dramatic object. The chair is made up entirely of synthetic materials, including foam, PVC, and synthetic upholstery, reflecting an increased interest in man-made materials in domestic environments at this time.

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