Timeless Design: Pinguïn Chair by Theo Ruth for Artifort

To celebrate Artifort’s 125-year anniversary, the iconic Pinguïn armchair has returned in a limited edition of only 125 chairs. In 1953, Artifort took its first step along the path of innovative design with the Pinguïn, designed by Theo Ruth. With this chair, a design lover brings home an exclusive classic.

The first designs of Artifort were classic wooden furniture. These pieces were robust and expertly crafted, but they were also very traditional. During the 1950s, the Wagemans family brought a wooden interlocking chair back from the Belgian Congo. This chair consisted of two separate base elements that were fitted together with forked ends and held together by gravity. This technique of sliding the seating parts together formed the inspiration for Artifort’s Pinguïn.

As the foundation piece of Artifort’s exploration into innovative thinking, the Pinguïn has finally made a return. Artifort’s Art-Director Khodi Feiz explains: ‘The product is re-engineered following the exact design, replicating timeless techniques and craftsmanship of the past and adding our technical advances. The craftsmanship remains as high as it was back then.’

This armchair consists of two separate base elements that are fitted together with forked ends and held together by gravity. It is upholstered in Bute fabric in 5 carefully selected colors, comes with oak oiled legs and armrests. Each Pinguïn has a certificate of authenticity which includes it’s special edition number.

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