Timber Tailor Lamps Collection by Another Studio

Another Studio presents Timber Tailor, its new collection of wooden pendant lights. The range combines beautiful wood veneer with pleated fabric to produce four striking and playful designs; Yoke, Ruffle, Peak and Puff.

The signature piece is Yoke, a large boxy-cut with a repeat triangular check pattern, made in natural cherry wood. Yoke is finished with an elegant, pleated white trim. Measuring 60cm in diameter, this is statement piece for any room.

Ruffle is an noble cone shaped shade; the cherry body has a directional pattern leading upwards to meet the grey pleated collar which harmonises with the natural tone of the wood.

Peak and Puff are playful pendent shades; The wooden body includes a chevron pattern and they both have a striking pleated headdress, which is available in a variety of bold colours.

The Timber Tailor collection draws inspiration from the craft of tailoring both in aesthetics and in the construction of each piece. They have adapted pattern-cutting techniques for the wood veneer to create elegant, seamless structures.

Another Studio developed completely new techniques for working with wood: they take flat, sheet veneer and cut, fold and form it into dynamic shapes. They mix machine and handmade processes to craft these beautiful forms. Individual shapes are layered into repeat patterns to augment the beauty of the wood’s natural grain. The sheets are backed with a fabric which adds colour to the inside of the shade and is available in different colourways.

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