tech4U Office Space Renovation in Athens, Greece by Michael Bakas

In an existing unified space, the conference and meeting rooms of a technology company were designed at P. Faliro.

With a complementary functional blueprint of the lower levels, the three basic sections of the space were subdivided and projected into the highest level of the building. Seating area, meeting rooms and games room respectively. Three sections whose boundaries are depicted on its roof.

The focus of the architectural design is the business meeting. With the stock market in mind, TV screens facilitate the control of key information pieces. Presentation and projection screens & equipment are harmonically combined with the white piano, the bright fireplace and the blue-felt billiard.

The concepts of business and pleasure coexist in a balanced uniformity of elements, with the design pursuit being the promotion of the inner feelings of man.

The widening of the openings, the arrangement of the frames and the two-sided fireplace connect the interior with the exterior. A place that highlights the close by natural water stream and the green of the surrounding area. With proximity views of mountain Hymettus, the outdoor living space provides the framework for meetings with the distinct feeling of freedom.

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