SPIRA Dining Table by Melike Altinisik

Designed by Melike Altinisik, who specialize to develop an innovative approach towards design, the flowing and rhythmic structure of the table SPIRA is intriguing, thus speaks the same language with its function which becomes something continues, fluid and four-dimensional world where it transforms structure into space and gathers various users and their agendas around same space.

SPIRA creates a world in between two gently curving tubular ellipsis that are paired by multiple linear elements to support each other which become the structure itself; makes us question the three terms that are not formally defined; point without size, line never ends, and plane extends forever.

The supporting structure of SPIRA is made of steel that permits 3D Steel Bending and enables the reinterpretation of the concept of balance concerning two overlapping but non intersecting geometries. The structure forms the design by shaping each ellipse to carry the load of the glass table surface from two points and distribute it from another two, and the design forms the atmosphere; switches our appetite, our workforce, our ideas.

Photography by Mine Dogan

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