Sergeant Pepper Table Lamp by Mike Treanor for Mullan Lighting

Welcome to the first addition to the Funk Factory range by Mullan Lighting. The hand crafted Sergeant Pepper was inspired by the psychedelic videos from the Beatles in the 1960’s. This seemingly elegant and simple table lamp form reveals elaborate and joyful patterns of colors inside creating a unique and surreal visual effect.

A great and groovy choice for today’s contemporary interiors. Sergeant Peppers easily adjustable arm allows the angle of the lamp to be positioned as desired to your favorite composition at any time. The profiled steel base not only makes this lamp sturdy but also provides an aesthetically pleasing feature to this lamp.

Unlike many contemporary but ultimately bland table lamps the added pop of colour makes this fun and unique lamp stand out from the crowd. The Sergeant Pepper blends with multiple decor styles and is perfect for lighting up smaller spaces such as an office, bedroom or living room.

Design by Mike Treanor

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