Scrap Stool by Nikolas Gregory Studio

The simple act of throwing paper into a bin became the inspiration for Nikolas Gregory Studio‘s Scrap Stool.

Nikolas Gregory:

We designed a way to create 1000s of pieces of furniture using free manufacturing!

We asked local paper businesses to put their paper waste into trashcans that we filled with a slow drying glue.

By discarding their paper waste into our trashcans, the employees ended up creating furniture for us! Without changing their routine, we transformed the workers from being wasteful into furniture makers….who vigorously recycled.

Since the stool uses waste material and labor that is already paid for, there is little to no cost to produce them. We are applying this design method to create other usable objects – from chairs and tables to larger pieces of furniture including sofas and beds.

The stools come in red, blue and green.

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