Saen Dining Table by Gabriele & Oscar Buratti for Alias

Gabriele and Oscar Buratti portray the table for Alias with a central leg, combining the elegance of the design with sophisticated materials.

The result is saen, a table with an imposing base. Its fluid, continuous and soft design sees this table turned into a slender, willowy stem, creating a powerful contrast of shapes. It resembles an upturned chalice; by moving the content and weight onto the ground, it solves the need for structural ballast and tops of different forms and materials are secured onto it.

The base of saen is made of concrete, an original material with a healthy dose of speciality. It is easy to mould, has a plain texture and is sufficiently heavy. It is resistant even with its thin sections and it has soft, tactile surface finish. Concrete symbolises modern architecture and it transpires as a fantastic yet unexpected material which lends itself to experimentation in shape and colour. The innovation in the technological solution adopted for the base mould also allows to obtain an ultra-clean surface which leaves no trace of any joins.

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