RYO Stool by LaPalma

RYO is not a conventional stool, more of a support aid. It is both versatile and pleasing to use, an agreeable and eccentric object, which will inevitably find its way into all manner of daily uses, whether meeting, waiting or working.

The seat of solid wood, a saddle-like structure, has a smooth curved surface, which has been developed for easy accessibility, and comfort that swivels to allow you to sit whichever way you like. The seat sits on a height adjustable column with a barely visible adjustment lever. The movement of the column is provided by a clever pivot at the base, which allows the user to tilt and swivel according to the desired body position.

With a multitude of functions, RYO is the ideal solution in an office where mobility is important, at home or public areas like cafés, libraries or wherever a support seat is needed for a quick rest while standing. The wall-mounted version is particularly versatile for large waiting areas or spaces where flexibility of function is essential.

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