Personal Bamboo Sofa by Tadeáš Podracký

This project explores traditional chinese bamboo furniture in a context of contemporary design, in order to bring back the essence of chinese handicrafts to people’s life.

Tadeáš Podracký:

Shape of Personal Bamboo Sofa is freely inspired by Ming chair, but my main aim in this project was to create bamboo chair as comfortable as possible and at the same time inexpensive. I develop new system of upholstery, for sofa is required only two long strips of foam. In this concept of sofa I dealt with the problem how to create cheap and comfortable chair using traditional Chinese craft which can succeed in the aesthetic and practical demands of modern society.

I created Personal Bamboo Sofa when I was doing research about chinese handicrafts and materials in Yuhang, China. I collaborated with local artisan and tried to understand manufacture process of making traditional furniture from bamboo. I was very impressed by the process, technology of furniture making and also traditional final products.

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