Nube Armchair by STUA

The design of the Nube armchair combines clean and orthogonal lines of contemporary architecture with the curves of a human body. The outer design of Nube is limited by flat and parallel surfaces, while the seating area is all cosy and curved, like a nest.

The seat curves of the Nube armchair are soft and welcoming, allowing you to sense the comfort before seating in it.

The volume is bounded by the external sober and straight lines, beautified by the grace of the inner curves. This effect is emphasized by the use of two colors in the upholstery of the armchair: one color for the flat surfaces & the second color for the curved area

The structure of the armchair is light, minimal and follows the lines of the outer form, almost imperceptibly. The structure is made of a solid chromed steel tube.

With its square shape and when connected, the Nube armchair allows multiple combinations of seating from straight lines to square or L-forms.

Nube is suitable for domestic and contract use, and only available in upholstered version.

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