Nosotros Bar in Campinas, Brazil by Studio Otto Felix

Architecture and design firm Studio Otto Felix was chosen to create Nosotros Bar, a second house from Nosotros Restaurant, an Iberian restaurant of tapas in Campinas, São Paulo.

The idea was to create an elegant architecture, that at the same time had a lot of personality, to match with Rafael Araújo´s sophisticated drinks – co-owner at Nosotros Restaurant and one of the 10 best bartender in brasil by José Cuervo.

The plan was to build a place where he could still offer tapas focusing on the drinks. We wanted an easy and a fast to build structure, so we chose wooden structure, ceiling and floor, also to ensure a warm and welcome environment. But the challenge was still to come. Therefore we designed a 8,15m sucupira wood counter and a faceted plaster sculpture in the back, as a stage to draw the public´s attention to the bartender. The angled stools were chosen to compose this part of the restaurant that was designed full of personality.
In the other hand we decided to calm things down with some traditional choices to give balance to the project, as the stone wall with a fireplace and a cellar, the wooden tables and linen chairs, and the large 4 sides modular couch, with side tables and armchairs around to compose a cozy lounge.

Photography by Denilson Machado

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