Neil Modular Sofa by Francesco Rota for Lema

Refined and original, Neil is a fresh new proposal with a strong appeal for those in search of more informal relaxation or the luxury of shared moments. This modular sofa is the perfect synthesis of made-to-measure comfort. It is distinguished by its low seat, its generous shape and squared back and arms which, slightly inclined outwards, enhance the feeling of comfort and well-being.

The whole system rotates around a platform which can accommodate the sofa back and arms at two different heights. The chosen composition thereby determines the design and the function of the sofa: a low back and arms are suitable for a more relaxed position, while the version with the high back is more suitable for receiving guests.

A combination of two modules with back and arms of different heights gives interesting movement to the sofa and makes it suitable for various uses. The finishing touches really distinguish this sofa: from the 50s-style feet reminiscent of those on the spaceship that took Neil Armstrong to the moon, to the elegant stitching around the perimeter of the sofa to enhance the design.

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