Monza Armchair by Plank

The idea for the Monza armchair and chair is the combination of the two materials wood and plastic injection moulding and hence, the artisan roots of Plank with the characteristics of modern industrial design. Both are conceived as a simple wood-construction which formally refers to a typology of chairs originating in Scandinavia. The chairs main character is defined by an organically formed polypropylene back-/armrest, which on the one hand serves the chair’s structure and on the other provides comfort and color. Optionally, in addition, a removable seat cushion can be attached.

The Monza armchair also fits perfectly for seminars and conferences, integrated with a smart linking device that at the same time functions as a tray.

The bar and bistro area are best equipped with the Monza chair. Its curvy shape of the backrest and the short armrests makes it possible to dock the chair on the table top and thus facilitates cleaning.

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