Modern Rug Design “Feather” by Kasthall

After a visit to Stockholm’s Natural History Museum, designer Ellinor Eliasson of Kasthall Design Studio was inspired to find a new playful expression for the classic rug border fringe.
This resulted in Kasthall launching their first rug design called ‘Feather’ during the Stockholm Furniture Fair, as a part of their 2019 collection Soul of Nature. The theme of the collection is inspired by the changing landscapes and colors of nature.

However, the design of Feather was inspired by the feather boas and fringes of the 70s, as well as how plumage and feathers reflect the light and shift in color.

Feather, a hand-tufted rug, is available in four different tone-on-tone color scales, inspired by four birds: the peacock, the flamingo, the rhea and the heron, with the materials of wool and linen boucle´ base broken up by a border fringe.