The Teepots Plant Stand Collection by Mauro Canfori

Designer Mauro Canfori has recently launched Teepots, a minimalist plant shelving system. The three designs in the collection include Mur végétal, Pot suspendu and Tableau vegetal.
The Pot suspendu (Hanging Pot) presents itself as a simple cable upon which the plants slide in order to be fixed at the desired height.

The Mur vegetal (Botanical wall) is a metallic structure that allows 3 plants to be displayed within a module, and when the module is placed beside other modules, a plant wall is created, becoming an indoor partition wall for an open space or an outdoor trellis for a terrace.

The Tableau vegetal (Plant picture) is made for plant lovers who wish to showcase some of their plants by hanging them upon the wall like works of art.