Minimalist Baobá Lamp by Ventura Lab

Baobá Lamp is a minimalist lamp designed by Brazil-based studio Ventura Lab. Seeking inspiration in natural elements, the lamp attracts the eye and awakens the curiosity on the part of the user when transforming the known into unknown. Through the deconstruction of form and materials, a simple table lamp that we are use to see daily is rediscovered, transforming daily life objects into something fresh and stimulating. Its vigorous base is inspired by the trunks of the trees and brings lightness by gently resting a solitary leaf at its top.

Developed in aluminum, the light rod is articulated and can direct the light, being possible to choose between direct or indirect lightning. The base, in turn, is produced in terracotta and, in addition to support for the stem, suggests a space for the individuality of each person, who can decorate the piece with flowers, foliage or objects, according to their personality or their culture.

Composed by contrasting materials and very distinct production processes, ranging from the most hand-made to the industrial, the project has as a premise the preservation of traditional methods and resources. Therefore, the product manages to bring innovation and technology without losing its human and cultural aspects. Its name, Baobá, is a tribute to the great Baobabs of Madagascar. Imposing trees, with huge trunks that can live up to six thousand years, but, like a terracotta pot, have their beauty in their fragility. The Baobabs are in danger of extinction, and this tribute serves also as a reminder to think about our relationship with the environment and nature.