Mesh Recliner by Intertime

The Mesh recliner chair really impresses thanks to its lightness and it accentuates your interior décor through innovative materials. The back support upholstered with semi- transparent fabrics is available in three different colours. The angle of the back and the length of the footrest can be individually adjusted, thereby offering the greatest possible comfort. The chair can be rotated a full 360° and is available with a star base in polished chrome or brushed chrome.

The new, progressive lounge chair plays with the contrast between angular shell and comfortable, pillow-like padding, combining different materials to form an accentuated, artistic eye-catcher. A tubular steel frame with a technical knit cover constitutes the chair’s distinctive shell. The padding is kept consciously minimal, with extra-soft seating comfort and quilted seams in the back cushion. The soft seat area makes an interesting contrast to the angular outer shell form.

The characteristic aesthetics of Mesh are created by means of material combinations of technical knits with leather or upholstery fabric as well as the contrast of the industrially manufactured knit cover and the padding and leather work which are traditionally handcrafted. The knitted seat back is available in the three colours of brown-grey, grey-silver and beige-yellow and the cushions can be individually combined with leather or fabric upholstery.

Mesh offers perfect seating comfort with an intelligent tilting mechanism for the best possible reclining function and customised adjustment of the chair. Back and footrest can be individually adjusted. Mesh rests on a star base in glossy or brushed chrome, is 360° pivotable and is available with or without a footrest.

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